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      Medical fact is that in excess of 80 very serious diseases and illnesses have been proven in practice, rather than simply in theory, to be treatable with the miraculous use of cord blood stem cells. This represents no small achievement. As medical science progresses at a relentless pace, more and more expectant parents in their multiple thousands are asking themselves the question – If, heaven forbid, our child contracts a life threatening illness in the future, how can we prepare to throw it a crucial lifeline?

      Time and time again, the answer is coming back to them loudly and clearly – the power lies within the umbilical cord stem cell. Easy and pain free collection and preservation during the birthing process can offer the key to efficient and speedy cures. Of course, every parent hopes against hope that their children will live long, happy and healthy lives that are relatively unscathed by sickness, particularly of the most serious kinds. However, afflictions and diseases are unpredictable and strike randomly.

      Many of the transplants and treatments that are currently utilizing cord blood cells are already curing high profile illnesses such as leukemia, anemia, Hodgkin’s disease, sickle cell disease and breast cancer. These merely represent the best known, but no less potentially deadly, of the list. Yet this is the present and medical science doesn’t stand still or rest on its laurels. Future breakthroughs are being researched and studied right now and early indicators are extremely positive.

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