23 kb fragment of ‘nuclear dna’ from fungi-Possible??

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      I desperately require help with this one. I have carried out isolation of dna from fungi and what I got was a band with a little shearing at around 23 kb. On looking up reference papers, it has been termed ‘nuclear dna’. I have few questions with respect to this:

      -Nuclear dna of fungi is in the form of chromosomes whose size greater than kb, well into Mb I am sure. How can I get such a small sized bit of nuclear DNA?
      -Could this 23 kb fragment be mitochondrial DNA, but isnt density gradient centrifugation required first to isolate mitochondria?

      Im using the CTAB method for fungal DNA extraction

      I would gladly accept any light shed on this matter.

      Thanks for reading this!

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      even E. coli has over 4 Mbps, so it’s quite small. What’s your reference paper?

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