A biological way to indirectly proof that God exists? No BS

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      Ok, lets face it, a biologist does not believe in God, scientific proof is needed.

      Now i stumbled on something interesting while reading people who experienced near death experiences. Now the Near death experience is something that already borders the edges of Biologic science, it has a LOT of sceptics, but i found that in one of the stories there IS something that CAN be

      experimented and proven by biological science, and IF this is true, it means a break thru in biology science.

      Ok please bear with me for a bit.

      From David Oakfords near death experience, his "spiritual guide" says to him and i quote

      "He told me that there is much to this planet that spirits can see which humans do not see with their eyes because their vibrations are so low. He showed me life in the trees that I could see as a spirit but could not see in my human form."

      Ok, immediately lets switch into scientific mode.

      I claim that life after death hypotheticallly could exist (because this information comes from the Near Death Experience)

      That biological science, if it will find proof of life in trees, that lies outside of the human visible spectrum, the first indication of God’s existance, and consiousness lying outside of the human brain proof can be made.

      Think about it in all seriousness. Biology has ALWAYS looked for biological life that lies "inside" the spectrum of the human eye sight.

      Meaning that, IF we find life in the trees, forms of biology that lie outside of the human spectrum field, like infrared, or even on higher frequencies like gamma, or x-rays,

      Think about it, life forms, that exist on a different frequency that lies outside of the human eye spectrum, regardless wether you believe or not, the idea that life would always fall inside of the limited human eye is already disproven by microscopes, now if the story above is true, we would be able to proof a whole new field of biology that lies outside of the human eye + we would be able to have our first possible indication that life beyond death exists, because the theory does not come from me , but actually from a spiritual guide.

      Now biologists only need to do what i cannot do. Namely investigate it, i have no means to go out with infrared, gamma or x-ray equipment to see if life beyond the human spectrum exists in the trees.

      Is there any crazy biologist out there who would want to give this a try? To find life beyond the human visible eyesight? New biological species that are to be found on a different frequency, who would ever thought of it?

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      I am not a biologist but cameras are in use that let us see whats happening in different spectrum, I would have thought that we have seen something already with this equipment. I used to use infra red light in a security job at night, the only life i saw was human, fox,s rabbits, and Deer, and known insects

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      Maybe these invisible life forms are made of dark matter. Or maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

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      well, they are actually investigating it.

      at the moment, there is the AWARE Study from Moody which wasn’t published yet and will take (probably) till 2012.

      There is huge evidence that during NDE’s, people seem to report things they can not know, like people who died during their NDE and noone knew they were dead or young children describing their grandparents they never knew and so on.

      This type of evidence is anecdotical and maybe convincing but as anecdotical not the best evidence.

      Although, there are many researchers like Bruce Greyson who investigate these things.

      You should read about them.:)
      If you’re interested in spirituality and possible life after death I’d like you to check Dean Radin who does some ‘PSI’-research….. Sounds strange but if one reads how he does tests with the scientific method and finds strange, even if weak, phenomena, stuff gets interesting.

      hope that helps

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      if something is outside of our eyes spectrum because of it’s emitted light, it would be either black or white for us as it would be made of matter… but I’m not sure.

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      quote Niclas:

      . . . young children describing their grandparents they never knew. . .

      It’s difficult to see how this would work, primarily, what age did the grandparents appear to be? My father died young but my mother is still alive, when I die, what ages will they appear to be? And if they’re the entities that they appear to be, what ages will they experience being?
      Have you any details concerning this kind of problem?
      In any case, I don’t see how any of this stuff would support theism.

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      this stuff would support the theory of survival.

      well, you would have to read the books from the researchers on this (named many of them above) or their research papers, but it would be a little too much work for me to find how these cases are in particular.

      but I agree that it’s difficult with these young children to verify it.

      I guess mediumship research suggests that these mediums do, if they truly as they claim see the dead, see them at about the age they died or something like that…

      I also think that during NDE’s, people who died old or are remembered old are also old then.

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      Here’s a collection of NDEs: http://iands.org/research/nde-archives/ … index.html

      By the way: this thread appears to be in the wrong forum.

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      This is the weirdest thread ever, can any other top this.

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      I might be wrong, I’m only a seventeen year’s old student after all, but I believe that in Near Death Experiences where people claim they saw someone or something they "never knew" is something more rooted in what psychologists such as Freud describe rather than biologists.

      See, the human consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg most of the things that are in our brain is in our id, our subconscious, we don’t actually know these things consciously, but we may access that knowledge when we sleep for instance.

      I believe that in near death experiences a deep subconscious part of our brain might be "activated" and that way we come in contact to things we "didn’t know" when in reality we knew those things, they were just rooted deep down in a part of our brain that we don’t normally access, as if we were sleeping.

      As I said, I may be totally wrong, but such thing would explain what Niclas brought up about children seeing their grandparents they never knew. I also don’t know if such theory has already been disproven by researchers so excuse me if it has.

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      read; heaven is for real by Todd Burpo.

      I have met this author and find him to be rather credible.

      his young son had nde, and tells amazing stories about people never met etc.

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