Biology Forum Physiology A complete list of the 78 organs in the human body ?

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      I know there are 78 organs in the human body . Even if this figure is widely reported I can’t put my hand on a complete list of the organs in the human body and even anatomy books are not necessly very clear about the list as they focus on function (system ) rather than organ . It’s insane as everyone agrees with the figure but nobody can provide a list . Not the first time I find a commonly agreed truth that nobody is able to prove/explain (internet is fueling this phenomenon ) still it really bugs me.
      Could you either give me a list , a link or a book reference with the complete list ?

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      I think that the reason you can’t find a complete list anywhere is because "organ" is a very vague category. Each of your eyes are technically organs. As are your ears, bones, glands, tonsils, testes or ovaries, etc. You could probably make the complete list yourself if you are bored.

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      Try here and here. I couldn’t find a direct list, but as Slipshod said, it is quite a vague definition that leaves us with hundreds – not a mere 78 – of organs.

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      yes there are the 78 organs in the body but i desire to tell you one thing that how many organs of the body can denoted.we don’t denote the whole body organs but the list of those body organs which can be denoted are:
      Corneas, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, face, skin, bone marrow, blood, heart valves, islets of Langerhans, ovaries, arms, legs, penis, small bowel, bone, uterus, tendons, stomach.its informative for you.

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      What does "denoted" mean, and how does an organ that can be "denoted" differ from one that cannot?

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      Not all sources agree at the line of division between "organs" and "structures." For instance, from the list above, I would consider the cornea, heart valves, islets, and bones and tendons to be structures, blood (and maybe marrow) to be a tissue, and arms and legs appendages, not organs, but I wouldn’t consider myself a definitive expert on this.

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