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      I am struggling to get through Bio 181, I am hoping someone on this forum will beable to help me answer some questions and maybe help me to understand it a little better??
      A grey-eyed alien and her black-eyed husband want a white-eyed baby, is this possible?

      A mother has blood type A and genotype AO, A father has Blood type B and genotype BO, what blood types are possible for the offspring?

      Please forgive my ignorance, I have been out of school for many years and I am so lost, trying to understand.
      Thanks again for any help….
      Wendy 😕

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      First question.

      Lets assume that grey eyes comes from incomplete dominance of the allele "black". Then the mother is bB and the husband is homozygote, so its impossible for the baby to have white eyes, unless the baby were male and the gene were X-linked, but the aliens might not have that anyway.

      Second question.

      AB AO BO 00

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      Thank you so much! You have no idea how helpful that was.

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