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      Note: This is not a homework question. This is part of a study effort for a big upcoming test.

      Question: Does the Smooth E.R. connect the rough E.R. to the Golgi apparatus?????????

      Progress made on this question: In Deborah Goldberg’s AP Biology, it says, "Smooth E.R. has three functions: … 2. Connects rough E.R. to the Golgi apparatus 3. …" I looked at the illustrations of the cells and in fact, the rough E.R. is closer to the Golgi apparatus than the smooth E.R. is! In addition, I read somewhere that there is this region in the ROUGH E.R. called the transitional E.R. where the vesicles bud off to go to the Golgi apparatus and other places. I can’t think of another way to interpret what 2. says. Can anyone help me on this question??????

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      well i dont think the Smooth ER connects the Rough ER to the Golgi apparatus i thought its functions were synthesis of lipids and steroids, metabolism of carbohydrate and attachment of receptors on cell membrane proteins. Have you checked in another book?

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      i think what that book said is a consequence of 50 years of drawing the rough ER near the nucleus, the smooth ER farther away and the Golgi even farther. I can’t imagine any reason why a protein would need to pass through the smooth ER on the way to the Golgi..

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      so it was a typo…
      okay, thanks! 🙂

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