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      Hi, I’m a newbie in biology with interest in genome engineering and I wonder if you could help me with a doubt, it may sound silly but I need to be sure.

      If I introduce a lentiviral CRISPR/Cas9 system for gene silencing into a population of different types of cells, the system will only produce the silencing of genes in the cells containing the gene?

      What changes could produce the lentiviral CRISPR/Cas9 system in other types of cells?

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      None, if it does not contain the gene or does not have the receptor required for the lentivirus to gain entry into the cell type. I have been answering many questions about Glycoproteins today. Glycoproteins are what the virus uses to enter the cell with a receptor to which the Glycoprotein binds to on the cell. If the cell does not contain the gene that CRISPR has a targeting sequence programmed for the CAS9 protein will not find the sequence of DNA that it needs to cut to silence the gene being a DNA Endonuclease. Secondly, there is the off chance if another gene contains a similar set of DNA that is the same as the targeted gene’s that it could also silence that gene by mistake but that is very rare since CAS9 has a targeting of DNA length of 5 to 12 base pairs, but if you made one with 5 base pairs the odds are much greater than a 12 base pair guide RNA targeted Cas9 DNA target.

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