Acolein Test

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      Al Fonso

      Is there anybody know about ACOLEIN TEST 😕 ???
      i’ve got some trouble to make a discussion on experiment report….
      here is the hints about the experiment….

      1)add 5 drops of cooking oil,palm oil and vegetables oil in 3 different test tubes.
      2)add 1g of sodium bisulfite,then heat it.
      3)determine the smell released.

      i just wanna know about the discussion of the experiment…

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      is it not spelt Acrolein? If you search for acolein on google you get the above topic and only 7 other pages. Surely that can’t be right? Ask the person who posted the above topic. They are probably in your class. 😆 🙄

      I guess your looking at whether the fats contain monosaccharides, disaccherides or oligosaccharides.

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