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      Science channel recently had a special on "superhumans". They had people who had senses mixed up one person who could be submerged in freezing cold water and still be consious after 25 minutes. when a normal human would have passed out by 5.

      THen they started to talk about finding the genes that cause this and recreate it in other humans.

      My concern is that if and when they figure it out some one would market it. and it for sure would not be cheap so it would only be high classes having the "enhanced " children so then not only is our speices divided by class but the one with advantages and the ones without. eventually it could be like two different species.

      it seems to me that those sort of mutations are becomeing more and more common and that those mutations may have something to do with the future evolution of humans. if labs start making these things happen wouldn’t it be speeding it up? and would there be any side effects form possibly the species evolving to quickly?

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      You’re right but the Catolic Religion will always stop that kind of things.
      And one time ago i heard that the physical capacity is 90% gene and 10% training.
      So.. it’s obvious that some races are more effectives than others but each one has an advantage over the other.
      For example, Chinesses are too small and weak but they are intelligents as hell.
      Africans, stronger than any other human but 2% less inteligent than others.
      White, intelligent and stronger but can’t resist adverse conditions well.
      And mixed races have another kind of advantages.
      I don’t think that labs could do that, can you imagine what would happen if someone find the VIH vacunm?
      we will be eating grass with an over population.

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      I think you’re being overly racist. For example, the term African refers to a lot of different groups from the watusi to the pygmies. I doubt you can compare the strength of those people accurately.

      Secondly, look at the Olympics and you can draw your own conclusions about Asian people being weak.

      I will however concede that some groups are evolutionary adapted…people from the tropics tolerate heat better and Kenyans have a history of dominating the steeplechase.

      Full Disclosure: I’m Asian, not weak.

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      And I am white, got a PhD in biology, but I need my 9 years old boy’s help to get the correct channel on TV (so many boxes to switch and remotes to punch those days It is probably simpler to drive a damn space shuttle).

      Intelligence is a veeeery relative commodity.

      And the statement that africans are 2% more this or less that than others are absolutly ludicrous (although I would admit that some of them are 2% darker than most Norwegians)

      Cheers to all-colours-of-people

      Dr D

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