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      I am writing a paper and my hypothesis is If the amount of corn syrup (substrate) is increased , then the amount of carbon dioxide produced from alcohol fermentation by yeast will increase over a shorter period of time. My data did not support this; however, I have been trying to find some similar research or data that shows, if I were to do the experiment for a longer period of time then the tube with the most corn syrup would have produced the most amount of carbon dioxide. CAN ANYONE HELP??? I haven’t been able to find any data on this, but, I know that if it were left for a longer time that in fact that would happen because there is more substrate for the yeast to consume, but I need other data, not just that I know!!! Thanks!

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      of course, you shouldn’t see any difference, if you use the same amount of cells in the beginning. You will see the difference just when one conditions will become limiting 😉

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      Just because there’s more food does not necessarily mean you eat faster, you only eat faster if the amount of food between experimental and control is in a regime below saturation.

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