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      I have to describe the ecology of these three organisms (amoeba, Paramecium, diatom), telling where it is typically found, how it meets its nutritional needs using and explaining the correct terminology…autotrophic, heterotrophic,parasitic,photosynthetic, etc. and what impact it has to environment (including but not exclusive to man) also if it acts as decomposers, producers, consumers etc.

      I got some information, but I think I missed out on a lot.

      I think Diatoms are found in the oceans, and serve as an important source of food for other organisms. I think they are photosynthetic, they give energy and oxygen production. Amoebas are found in fresh or salt water, damp soil. They are heterotrophic I think feed on other microscopic organisms like algae and ciliates. These are ingested into the cell by pseudopodia or false feet, they surround the prey and trap it in tiny drop of water forming food vacuole. I think Paramecium are found in freshwater ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and puddles. Some can even live in the bodies of animals or in most soil. Paramecium use cilia for movement which are little hair like things, all around the outside of their cell. They reproduce by binary fission, and eat algae, bacteria, other protozoans, dead plant and animal matter, and other tiny animals. I think Paramecium are consumers because it uses its cilia to sweep its food into where it digests food. I think they are heterotrophic.

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