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      Is it possible for me to teach myself 3D animation and character rendering in Autodesk Maya and 3DsMax? Right now I’m attending a junior college to get my AA in Art before I go study traditional animation. But I’ve always loved video games and eventually hope to be able to do personal projects with Maya and/or 3ds Max. I’ve already made plans to study computer science and get a good lesson in C++ and other game coding languages. But I don’t think I’m financially able to also study 3D game art. My financial aid isn’t gunna cover it. So since I already own Autodesk Maya (2009, thanks to my sis-in-law<3) , I figured I could use online tutorials to teach myself and 3D art forums and deviantart to talk with and get assistance from pros and basically teach myself 3D game art.

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      and what does it have to do with biology? 🙄

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      John carmack and john romero are both self taught.

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