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      Hey guys. I joined this forum a while back but now I am in an Anthropology class and I figured this would be a good place to ask for some help. But for now I just feel like venting lol.

      I never thought there would be this much genetics in an anthro class but the proff has us learning pedagree charts and everything about genetics, chromosomes and alleles. I can understand the need for it, but then she takes it another step and decides to give us minus marks for answering a question wrong on a multiple choice quiz saying that it somehow removes the random chance factor being you can get 25% by guessing.

      Personally I think that is BS. I mean who wants to get 25% on a quiz and who things that is a good mark at all? I mean the university is not pushing for this policy, it is totally up to the proff to do this. I really think this is a prick move on her part. I study hard but I have other classes to keep up in, really is unfair how I have to worry about answering a question wrong considering the difference in correct answers could be only a couple words. There is no real reason, and its a first year undergrad course too.

      Then I have to sit though every class where she will go off on tangents directed at first year students where she talks about academic dishonesty or taking good paraphrase notes. Man I don’t know what I would do if I were majoring in biology and had all proffs like this.

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