Any Ideas on the Definitions of Living Things?

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      Definitions of living things do not fully implied on our world.

      The way of defining living things in biology is not even close to the truth.

      Living things must be conscious. To be more specific, biological entity must have a structure of “brain” to initialize “minds”. The definition of consciousness can be very simple and have been solved by science. “Consciousness” is awareness. It is very scientific.

      I have a question here. It may inspire many of you.

      What if the Earth is a conscious living object?

      The definitions of living things have to be rewritten. Living things must be conscious. They must have ability to think and react. It comes with birth, and end with death (not restricted to certified death declared by doctors).

      “Plants” and “animals” are two major categories. The former one is the “living tissues” of the Earth. Similar to the living organisms inside the Earth. By applying one of the principles of my hypothesis, “Lives in different levels”. The Earth is a higher forms of lives. Thus, the definitions of living things changed.

      Other planets are used as control experiment to the Earth. For which, their “life cycles” have come to an end.

      What do you think? Biologists

      If the life cycles of the Earth (contributed by both the offspring/animals and the natural process of aging of the Earth) come to an end, resources run out and the natural environment cannot be recover, we will have nowhere to go. Since planets are living objects with consciousness, the planets nearby must have their resources almost used up by the civilization once existed. It does not necessarily mean that there are no minerals left. In the meantime, microorganisms have to be transported to other planets. They are capable of reproducing. However, it is limited to a certain degree. You cannot recover the “life cycles” of the planets if they are dead.

      Scientists have to look upon the life cycles of the planet as a whole. If the Earth is a biological living entity (with consciousness), we cannot make it rebirth after its death. Microorganisms can survive outside the “life cycles” of the Earth, but they cannot REGENERATE.

      Space station is a coffin without any resource.

      What if the planets are conscious living objects?

      Teru Wong

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