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      Hello everyone. So I have this AP Biology summer assignment and I’m really confused about some of the questions:

      1. The scientists responsible for decoding the genetic code were
      (A) Beadle and Tatum
      (B) Watson and Crick
      (C) Shields and Yarnell
      (D) Darwin and Wallace

      I put that the answer was B but after looking online no source explicitly said Watson and Crick were responsible for decoding the genetic code. I read about various scientists involved in decoding the genetic code, but none of them are listed in the answer choice. So, I’m starting to doubt whether or not B is correct.

      2. Cells reproduce asexually by process of
      (A) meiosis
      (B) mitosis
      (C) sporogenesis
      (D) abiogenesis
      (E) segagenesis

      I was torn between B and C. I read that sporogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction, but so is mitosis. I read online that sometimes sporogenesis is not asexual, so that’s why I went with B, but I’m not too sure.

      3. Sweat glands of sea birds concentrate salt from the blood and then excrete it outside of the body. What process allows this concentration of salts?
      (A) diffusion
      (B) osmosis
      (C) active transport
      (D) dialysis

      For this one I put dialysis because according to the online definition of dialysis, it’s the process of removing waste and excess fluids from the body. But I read a few articles about the sweat glands of sea birds, but none of them mentioned anything about process dialysis so I’m not too confident about this answer.

      Use the following organ system choices for the questions that follow
      A. circulatory B. nervous C. digestive D. skeletal E. muscular

      1. allows movement

      2. peristalsis

      These two questions gave me headaches.
      For #1, I was torn between nervous, skeletal, and muscular. I read that the skeletal and the muscular system work together for movement. But only one of them is the right answer. Also, I was thinking nervous system because the nervous system sends signals to parts of your body which could control movement.

      For #2, I was torn between digestive and muscular. According to the definition of peristalsis, it is a series of wave-like muscle contractions that moves food to different processing stations in the digestive tract. So basically It is a muscle movement that affects the digestive system.

      Part of the problem is that the instructions for this part of the assignment are so vague, which is why these two questions seem to have more than one answer, so I’m so confused. Any help or explanation would be appreciated, thank you.

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