Ark of the Covenant (in Scroll Trench)

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      Garry Denke

      Ark of the Covenant (in Scroll Trench)

      Stonehenge Armageddon Prospect
      Heelstone Geology & Geophysics

      Seismic Refraction of 1984
      Data Reprocessed 1985

      Heelstone Hound

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      Garry Denke
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      Unless you want to make a point about pareidolia? But we have Valentin(?) and his ukrainian stones in the evolution forum for that.

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      Garry Denke

      Washington’s Hound Dog Kennel Billboard (1653)

      Rev. Lawrence Washington (1602-1653), the great-great-grandfather of George Washington (first President of the United States), acquired Stonehenge from Robert Newdyke in 1628 for a Hound Dog Kennel. Washington’s Hound Dog Kennel at Stonehenge, a formal establishment for the propagation of purebred Hound Dogs, was a state-of-the-art facility in Wiltshire until it was sold in 1678 to the Rev. Thomas Hayward. Dr. Garry Denke (1622-1699), the German Catholic historian, antiquarian and dentist, Permitted drilling of the Foxhole (Scroll) Trench auger core at Heel Stone in 1656 from Rev. Washington’s Hound Dog Kennel. In 1757, founding father Dr. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) examined Washington’s Heel Stone Hound Dog above Dr. Denke’s Heel Stone Flying Eagle when Dr. Franklin chose the Flying Eagle for the Great Seal. Fox hunting originated in its current form in the United Kingdom in the 16th century. Washington’s Heelstone Hound Dog was a 1628-1678 popular Washington Kennel billboard. … centuries/ … tter12.htm … 010WEB.pdf

      Arc Trench / Scroll Trench

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      Garry Denke

      ♥ YHWH Allah (LORD God)

      Ezekiel’s & Daniel’s Beasts: Heelstone, Stonehenge

      KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: that English Heritage, Council for British Archaeology, The National Trust, Wessex Archaeology and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have been and are INTENTIONALLY CAUSING DAMAGE to an 8’x8’x4′ Brass Relic containing 7 Gold Artifacts embedded in Arundian Limestone / Pozzolanic Bluestone concrete 4′ (1.2m) below Heelstone at Stonehenge, UK. THIS OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD: Dated; 12th September 2011, this Harvest Moon. — Wizard Merlyn, King Arthur —

      1. Time Team | Facebook
      2. The Royal Society | Facebook
      3. John Glen MP – Working for Salisbury | Facebook
      4. Arthur Pendragon | Facebook
      5. Council for British Archaeology – Non-Profit Organization – York, United Kingdom | Facebook
      6. The Open University – Education – Milton Keynes | Facebook
      7. Rabbi Wolpe – Public Figure – Los Angeles | Facebook

      Temperature Variations caused 2,596 year old Heelstone Concrete volume (9.48 cubic-yards; 256 cubic-feet) to crack (Layman – When temperature rises, concrete expands; When temperature falls, concrete contracts). Because the Heelstone Concrete is restrained by Heelstone weighing about ~35 tons: ~70,000 pounds; Heelstone produced Tensile Stresses which caused Heelstone Concrete to crack. Moisture Content changes in Heelstone Concrete also resulted in Expansion and Contraction (Layman – When concrete gains moisture, concrete expands; When concrete loses moisture, concrete contracts). Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in these Heelstone Core Samples range from ~5.5 millionths per degree Fahrenheit (0.000055/°F) to ~10 millionths per degree Celsius (0.000010/°C). Does anyone want to Review Contaminants in the Stonehenge Water absorbed by Heelstone Concrete tonight, whilst Heelstone Artifacts undergo More Damage, this Harvest Moon? (such Contaminants include: chloride and sulphate salts, carbonates, etc). — Queen Artio (Art) —

      Fortunately Seven (7) Archaeologists:

      1. Miranda Aldhouse-Green, Archaeologist
      Prof Miranda Aldhouse-Green
      2. Julian Richards, Archaeologist
      Archaemedia – The Official Web Site of Julian Richards
      3. Mike Pitts, Archaeologist
      Mike Pitts | The Council for British Archaeology
      4. Timothy Darvill, Archaeologist
      Timothy Darvill OBE – School of Applied Sciences – Bournemouth University
      5. Mike Parker Pearson, Archaeologist
      Our Staff
      6. Geoff Wainwright, Archaeologist
      Cardiff University – My Cardiff – Professor Geoff Wainwright
      7. Mike Heyworth, Archaeologist
      Dr Mike Heyworth MBE | The Council for British Archaeology

      Care about Artifacts’ Damaged.

      — Wizard Merlyn, King Arthur (Wart) Artaius, Queen Artio (Art) —

      Gee Whiz, this is only One (1) of the many "Universal Magnetic Reversals" (UMRs), in an infinite amount of Universes: it is Surely not the first; And this Will not be the last. Archaeologists must initiate Digging operations at Stonehenge inside Scroll Trench (Washington Foxhole) however. Decidedly, I AM not re-charging this Universe unless Digging commences before the Autumnal Equinox scheduled "UMR" time: 9:04 AM (UTC) 23rd September ’11.

      ♥ YHWH Allah (LORD God)

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