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      Okay, so I had a car accident about a month ago. Fairly high impact, I’ve had headaches every night since, and my back has been out. I have been to Doctors and Chiropractors regularly since the accident. Nothing has really concerned me up until yesterday. I suddenly (overnight) got a very strange tingly feeling in my arm. It feels like a dull, constant numbness. And my arm, when touched, feels like it would, as if it was all cut up, or scratched. There is no marks on the skin, or redness.

      I’m young (18 ), active (not so much recently because of accident), and pretty healthy. I figure that this could be a pinched nerve, but I’m not sure why it would come up so quickly. I know left arm numbness and tight chest can be a sign of angina pectoris, caused by a possible blood clot. But I doubt it is that serious. Anyways I’m asking for any possible suggestions as to what it could be. I am going to the doctor this week, for other things, and I’ll ask him about this, but I’m just trying to get some insight before then.



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      hm.. i also get some pain in my body and my head after i got an the night and when i’m exercising..
      when i was drive my motorcycle…

      but i think it is normal. and i am okay now…maybe 2 or 3 weeks after that accident i’m totally okay.
      hm…not with my friend-different accident…but it also when she drove motorcycle-. it happen when we are in holiday. the dayoff from school.
      hm… the circulatory system do not work right. malfuncition.and it was too late to…
      and ….you know what i mean.

      i just do not know what happen to her. we are in the differnt class. and rarely meet.

      by the way, you should feel your body carefuly. i hope it is not that worse….

      the soon you consult your pain+++
      to doctor… the soon you get the diagnostic.
      and take any action to recover your body.

      i hope this help.
      sorry… if you’r not satisfied.

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      damien james

      ^ I have had same thing recently from motorcycle accident 1 month ago. I had feeling kpoehlke describes but in my leg. The doctor said it was traumatic injury to nerves at my hip. He said it should disappear soon unless there is real damage done.

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      hmm well thanks for the input, the feeling is passing, which is good to know

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