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      I am asking for the fulltext of the following papers cause I cannot get them from my lab. It would be appreciate for anyone who can send the PDFs to me by e-mail ( Thanks a lot. Here they are.

      1.Understanding molecular mechanisms for improving phytoremediation of heavy metal-contaminated soils.Critical reviews in biotechnology. 2010,30(1):23-30.

      2. Genes Induced in Response to Mercury-Ion-Exposure in Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulator Sesbania drummondii.Environmental Science & Technology. 2009,43(3): 843-850.

      3.Characterization of a Lead Hyperaccumulator Shrub, Sesbania drummondii.Environmental Science & Technology. 2002,36(21): 4676-4680.

      4.Characterization of Phosphate Accumulation in Lolium multiflorum for Remediation of Phosphorus-Enriched Soils. Environmental Science & Technology. 2005,39(14): 5475-5480.

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