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      Hello everyone!

      Kinda my intro to the forum as well as my first question:D

      I joined the U.S. Army because my parents were too poor to pay for my college and I didn’t feel like doing the 100% student loan approach. This was of course before the post 9/11 GI Bill so back then I assumed I was only getting roughly 30,000 USD for tuition assistance however now my 4 year BA is almost if not covered completely. Which gives me the opportunity with the money I have saved up to pursue higher education after my BA if I chose to.

      (And please don’t flame me, I’m not GOP or pro war…I did back then what I thought was my only way out of my low income rural area. Not sure how this forums users are about derailing topics with politics lol.)

      So now as my separation from service date approaches I need to start thinking about career options. I’ve already read the sticky about career questions:P However the field I’m interested in is Astrobiology, which as far as I know is a new field and there is hardly any info out on it besides a FAQ from the NASA page and some info on Wiki. I know from Wiki that there are currently 3 schools in the US offering graduate programs in this field but I was wondering if anyone is currently studying for this or has a similar interest in it and would like to share some info.

      Thank you, and again Hello everyone!

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