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      i’m having a little confusion here. If ATP is a adenosine triphosphate group isn’t that the same as ADP+Pi since thats a adenosine diphosphate and a phosphate group? i keep reading that ADP+Pi is turned into ATP but i dont understand how if they’re the same thing..


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      one of the phosphate tail of ATP is transferred to other compound.–>Pi
      so that leave two phosphate group(ADP)

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      They are not the same thing. ATP is one compound, while ADP+Pi are 2 separate compounds. ADP+Pi don’t equal ATP, just as 100 pieces of paper with writing on it don’t equal a book. In order to make ATP from ADP+Pi you need to invest some energy, just as you need to invest some energy to glue the pieces of paper together to make a book. As a difference between my analogy and the biological situation, turning your book into pages will not provide energy, but turning ATP into ADP and Pi will…

      Hope things are clear now

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      ADP is combined with a phosphate to form ATP in the reaction ADP+Pi+free energy→ATP+H2O.
      The energy released from the hydrolysis of ATP into ADP is used to perform cellular work, usually by coupling the exergonic reaction of ATP hydrolysis with endergonic reactions.

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