basic bonding question for hydrogen

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      hi, i’m paul. this is my first time on the forum.

      Q. when a hydrogen atom (protium, to keep it simple) bonds with another hydrogen atom, do both of their 1s orbitals become filled (and therefore, ‘happy’ / stable)?

      and, is it the filling of these orbitals that leads to stability; or, more specifically, is it the filling of the electron shell / energy level as a whole that leads to stability (and in this case the electrons just happen to exist in the 1s orbital)?

      (i know this is more chemistry than biology, but as hydrogen is fundamental to life, i want to understand at least the basics of the chemistry)

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      there is no 1s orbital when you form a bond, you talk about the molecular orbital as soon as it bonds. Stability is conferred by lower energy. You should not be required to know beyond this.

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