Beta sheets & ATP…Help!

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      Hi…sorry if this is in the wrong section, really not a science person. My degree is in what people like to consider "magic" not science…(psychology) 😆 But here I am back in a chem course. 🙄

      Anyways, my questions…

      H-bonding cause alpha helixes to form (yes?), but what intramolecular forces cause beta sheets to form? Is it the peptide bonds?

      Why is it that more energy is released when ATP reacts to form ADP than when ADP goes to AMP? I’m trying to wrap my mind around it…there are more negatively charged oxygens forced together in ADP than AMP…..uhhh trying, trying….fail.

      Any help?

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      1. Same types of forces are in play when considering the same level of organization so all primaries are the same, all secondaries are the same and all tertiary structures are the same. The difference between alpha and beta is how much spacing is allowed by their side chains, which is not really a force consideration.

      2. I think you failed to fail this one.

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      1. H bonds as well

      2. I may be wrong, but i think it is because there are more negative charges, so you need more energy to pack them into a molecule. When the molecule breaks it releases more energy because more energy was put in when the bond formed.

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      Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!

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