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      Hi I have been making software which allows you to take a human and split it into its 12 systems and from there into its 60 organs… Now I am up to breaking the organs into its tissues and am having problems…

      I have posted on another scientific forum but got no reply… Below I have copied and pasted from the other forum.


      Well i am currently an Australia 16 year old, year 11 student who enjoys programming and also got a sudden interest in biological organization. This happened in my biology class when learning about cells. It was very basic the info we were given. We were told the that are 2 types of cells which are "plant" and "animal cells". Then the teacher told us about how cells are made of organelles. Then a heard a question and the back of the class saying… "isnt everything made up of atoms". That really got me thinking which lead to me finding out about biological organization once I found this article:

      Once I was all into biological organization I though how cool it would be to find an application where you can "craft" together atoms and then work your way up to making a human… however I failed to find any software. Yet this was no problem as me being a programming lover seemed to be the perfect chance to develop some software 🙂

      So I started with a basic interface of having an inventory and then a crafting table which allows you to break and join objects into the lower or higher level of biological organization but the problem was I had difficulty in starting with atoms so I decided to start with a human and work my way backward…

      So the interface improved as I added a bar at the top with all the levels and created my own graphics for buttons and other interface features. I then found the human is made up of 12 systems (I made it a male human with a male reproductive system). Then I learned more and broke down the 12 systems into 59 organs… I learned some pretty interesting stuff such as how blood and skin are both organs when I though they were actually tissue.

      The Problem

      Here’s where I am a little stuck… Tissue. I am struggling to find out what tissues each organ are made of. The problem is I got most of the beggining information of wikipedia but for tissue on wikipedia all it get is that there are 4 kinds of animal tissue. These 4 are "Connective tissue", "Muscle tissue", "Nervous tissue","Epithelial tissue"… now the problem is I then try to find out what the heart is made up of… and I find this Now the problem with this is it lists different tissues which are:
      cardiac muscle tissue
      nerve tissue
      blood tissue
      So as you can see I am really confused… and if this happens my project will die (since its not a school project since I am not forced to work on this)

      So does anyone know a great resource I can use which will get me the information I need???

      The Program

      When you start it up here is what you will see.

      Well heres how it works… You move the human male onto the examination table and at the top you will see organism light up if you click the human while its on the examination table.

      You then click the break button (bottom of the 4) and break it into its systems.

      You can highlight multiple items and then transfer them by continuously clicking move right or left button

      If you have one system on the table you can split it up into its organs


      you may need to download the .net 4.0 framework to run it…[/url][/b]

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      the #"Connective tissue", "Muscle tissue", "Nervous tissue","Epithelial tissue"# are groups of tissues. For the particular kinds of tissues, you should look up into some anatomy book for medics. I’m sure, it will be better than wikipedia 😉

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      This looks very interesting. Have you considered a Linux release?

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      .NET is a windows thing ( but supposedly there’s a linux alternative: … nu/6310344

      Anyway, back on topic, what OP needs is a histology atlas or something. Here’s a free one: … index.html

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      guess this project went bust?

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      I get it, I didn’t count the gaps.

      What do the dots in the diagram represent?

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