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      I’m going to take the Biology GRE in 6 months, and am starting from scratch with basically no experience in Biology – so I’ve started out with the tutorials on this site which are really helpful (thank you!).

      What books or resources do you recommend to study for the GRE?

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      There are some commercial GRE practice books on the market — these are useful for becoming accustomed to the format of the questions in the GRE. Get a college-level major’s general biology text and read it. Read as much as you can from introductory texts in ecology, genetics, physiology, zoology, microbiology and botany. The GRE is meant to be a cumulative exam for four years of study in biology, so six months of preparation is scant time. However, if you stay focused and spend hours each day assimilating the information, you’ve a chance of doing well on the exam.

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