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      I want to know how changes are made to people, how someone can be making changes to another person’s body from a distance without touching them. Using this technology, they killed an innocent man in hospital last year. Neither the doctors nor the police could stop the changes that were happening to his body.

      Are they are using very small microchips to make changes to the brain and body? How do these chips work? I want to know how to remove them and how to block the signals that are activating them. These chips have the ability to move muscles, they can even create voices in a person’s head.

      What happens when this technology falls into the wrong hands like it did last year? Who will stop it? Why aren’t doctor’s educated about this technology? The public has a right to know about this technology and how it works.

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      none of your links was working. First look for some common protocol for your pages.

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      wowo wo a step beyond imagination i got everything imaginary in my head never heard of anything like that but there are rules in bioethics……. read that that might help 🙂

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      Hello everyone,
      This is first post in this forum. I want some help from your side, recently I have completed my graduation in clinical research field. want to learn more about bioinformatics can anyone tell me what is the main role of a bioinformatician in present biological research and development area?

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