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      Hi, I am off to uni soon to do biomedical science, after I intend to be a NHS biomedical scientist and also go into research. I was wondering if anyone was a biomedical scientist and could tell me thier opinions on the job 😉

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      I’m not one yet but I’m about to do my honours (4th) year of my Biomedical Science degree. I enjoy it and can’t wait to be set free in the labs in September!

      What uni are you going to? 😀

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      ohhh cool,
      Whats the course like?
      What kind of practicals do you do?

      Im going to portsmouth 😀

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      Hi again. I’m at Glasgow Caledonian Uni

      We get 6 modules a year (3 per semester). We get lectures labs and tutorials.
      In first year it was introductory cell biology, genetics, human biology, maths and chemistry.
      In second year we did advanced cell biology, more advanced biochemistry, microbiology and Physiology.
      3rd year we did Clinical microbiology, clinical biochemistry, haematology and immunology. Also did Pathology and molecular biology. Phew!

      In the labs we do lots of things. You will probably start off doing simple pipetting exercises, Learn to calibrate the Gilson pipette, etc. You will then go on doing things like protein assays and electrophoresis. 3rd year we were doing lots of things like ELISA, blood grouping, PCR.

      It may be totally different for your course though. 🙂

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      i’m just obtained my B.Sc degree biomedical sciences in utrecht and the post above looks just like my curriculum:

      1st year: cell biology, molecular genetics, anatomy, biostatistics, neural regulation, biochemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, histology

      2nd year: analytical methods in the lab (radionuclids, molecular biology, separation methods, chemistry & spectroscopy ), signal transduction, physiology of heart lungs and kidneys, microbiology, clinical genetics, developmental biology and pharmacology

      3rd year: pathology, inflammation and immunology, metabolism, biotechnology, virology and molecular toxicology. finally the researchproject and the bachelor thesis

      most of the courses in the 2nd and 3rd year are optional courses and many could be chosen (also from other faculties)

      good luck in this magnificent field of research 🙂

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      Wow quite alot to learn.. the first year sounds alot like a-level … Is it much different?

      Thanks for the info 😀

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      I agree with that Saina. A lot of student now are taking a course in the field of biomedical science. However, they get training for medical service and medical mission for their experience. My friend also is a medical student.

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