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      All of the following can be confirmed via google but keep in mind this is not intended to offend

      Premature birth causes homosexuality, heterogenics is the purpose of sex, all sperm start heterosexual by default, homosexual procreation and parenting only removes the freedom of children

      Gays have more than double the rate of depression and suicide so how would their kids fare any better?

      Single parents have more than double the rate of depression and suicide so how would adding more of the same gender to a childs life improve anything?

      When gays neglect and invalidate the sexual needs of the opposite gender how would their kids value their own sexuality?

      When gays have inherently fewer dating options and the overwhelming majority of the LGBT community is female (females are more likely to survive premature birth) how would their straight children socialize when the religious majority rejects them and knows they can only create children with less ability to enjoy sex

      When LGBT females remove themselves from the dating market their sons are forced to work for what their parents already took away

      There are no heterosexual pride parades promoting sexual deviance to children, homosexual parenting forces children to obsess over sex from a very early age

      Opposites are always intended to attract, homosexual procreation removes all the mystery of socializing and forces children to question their worth before they even start puberty

      Gays are more likely to have unstable relationships and unstable financial security which very negatively affects children

      Aside from the endless negative first hand accounts of gay parented children on sites like, recent studies by professors Mark Regnerus and Paul Sullins indicate 51% of gay parented children experience severe emotional disturbance and mental illness in adulthood compared to 19% of hetero parented children

      Male homosexuality is impossible without injuring the digestion tract either the anus or mouth which is required for survival

      While premature birth which modern science has increased the survival rates of may very rarely contribute positive mutation, its safe to say homosexual procreation and parenting is overall detrimental to children in our already overpopulated society, sex is the highest form of empathy, id go as far to say children of homosexuals may deserve reparations from the reckless governments which encouraged homosexual procreation creating a massive wave of social incompatibility

      Gay parented children are much more likely to suffer obesity and abuse drugs which only taxes the healthcare system

      The most notable gay parented children in the world at the moment, Rosie O’donnells children: her son is said to have been obsessed with war ever since childhood and begged rosie to send him away to a military academy as a teenager likely to get away from rosie and then he joined the military at 18 despite his moms 120 million net worth, rosies adopted daughter ran away from home after being publicly labelled the pseudoscientific term "bipolar" by rosie (happy and sad? no just depressed living with rosie) and recently overdosed on drugs which usually happens when people want to erase their memory, rosie recently declared her youngest 3 year old daughter autistic before the child couldve ever even learned how to fully speak and with clearly no ability to behave autonomously, despite most doctors refusal to diagnose girls with autism rosie is said to be obssessed with autism and seems to believe everyones children are autistic likely to reconcile her own socially maladaptive worldview

      Very few have a problem with gays who keep to themselves but procreation needs to be saved for women with functioning clitoral bulbs who are able to sustain clitoral bulb erections for men, stronger female erections translate to stronger erections in male offspring and better sex for all, a woman who is able to associate strong male features with larger, stronger erections is also a sign of intelligence

      Bisexual lesbians figure sleeping with who they deem the least attractive men a couple times affords their exclusive homosexuality later in life while gaining male protection for the overwhelmingly female LGBT community, to counter this men should feel for a tight vaginal entrance caused when clitoral bulbs fill with blood which allows clitoral displacement during penetration and indicates true arrousal

      Aside from visual arrousal women can also become truly arroused if men do a good job with clitoral foreplay, if she loses blood flow during sex return to foreplay or combine penetration with manual clitoral stimulation, keep in mind the top of mens faces are really only a bigger version of a female face and scissoring is next to impossible

      Sex fine tunes the muscles of the vagina to prepare for childbirth minimizing pain and injury, the more sex the better it feels for women after the hymen is broken, though sex before the end of puberty likely interupts development

      Lesbian sex only wastes the beauty of a womans full face and body while also wasting male orgasms which are required every 1-2 weeks else men risk injuring their erection during sleep eventually leading to erectile dysfunction

      Male foreskin which is analogous to the clitoral hood is intended to increase clitoral displacement during sex while protecting the penis head from injury, the hood attached to the labia increases surface contact with the clitoral head while the labia is tugged into the hole during penetration

      Visual stimulation only enhances orgasm but all healthy individuals are capable of orgasming with no visual stimulation which allows focusing on the sensation more and women are the only ones without a refractory period

      Men have stronger more precise tongues, facial hair begins where the face cuts off from the licking angle indicating men with facial hair tended to lick more, also there are men with naturally no facial hair and facial hair has always been removable

      There will always be an ideal physical form regardless of gender, were all programmed to be attracted to physical health including muscle and fat, men have the backside proportions of a teenage female

      Kissing during mutual orgasm is only possible when feeling the sexual contractions during heterosexual intercourse, oral stimulation is inherently less personal though of course enjoyable

      The majority will always be heterosexual even if one gender begins devolving back to singularity, if the opposite gender isnt worthy dont create more of them, self lust or desiring what you already have is always pathological

      Everything is dictated by physics, homosexuality can only be the result of incompatible genital structure or brain structure both of which change
      throughout life

      Anything gays can do straight people can too with sufficient imagination
      but the reverse isnt necessarily true due to incompatibility, spreading
      incompatibility only decreases freedom, parenting requires empathy for both genders most importantly their purpose which is sex

      Humans have always had access to primitive birth control in the form of natural material condoms such as animal organ tissue, ovulation timing and pulling out, and diet induced miscarriage


      DNA converts organic material into electricity ultimately powered by photosynthesis in plants, we can scale this process up to create unconscious DNA power plants

      Magnetically contained nuclear fusion appears to be impossible, gravitation contained nuclear fusion is likely required

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      Chromosomal siblings

      Homosexuality is chromosomal incest, now that women have all the power in society they should do all the social pursuing

      The vagina evolved to work as a trapdoor/clitoral displacement system during sexual penetration using the clitoral bulbs located on either side of the vaginal opening and connected directly to the clitoris, the clitoral bulbs fill with blood during arrousal causing the vaginal entrance to tighten which is the female equivelant to an erection and allows clitoral mechanics during sex, combined with the labia being tugged into the opening which pulls the hood down causing indirect stimulation of the clitoris, the pubic skin/flesh is also slightly firmer than other regions of the body. The skenes gland/gspot also provides sensation. Optimally thrusting to increase downward tug of the clitoris during sex would appear worthwhile

      While potentially considered less aesthetic(which I disagree with), or harder to clean before soap and showers were invented, male foreskin which is analogous to the female clitoral hood evolved to protect the penis head from injury(warning: partial severance) while also providing more sensation, girth, and better thrusting for both male and female during sex, the foreskin increases surface contact with the clitoris as the penis penetrates the vagina pushing the clitoral bulbs outward forcing the clitoris, clitoral hood and labia to tug downward toward the hole proportionate to the girth of the penis. Mutilation of this vital organ is especially tragic in western society where men are often less than ideally driven to become angry masturbators else face wasting their orgasms during sleep every 1-2 weeks and risk injuring their erection

      DNA is a self 3D printing quantum computer

      Nuclear fusion apparently requires gravitational containment and cannot be magnetically contained

      Our DNA ultimately converts plant photosynthesis into electricity in our bodies, this can be scaled up to create unconscious DNA power plants fueled by organic material

      Radiation causes DNA inflation over time, heterosis gives the DNA a refresh by reducing excess inflation which increases cellular density allowing better functionality of all tissues and cell types

      The mind and body works like a circuit of energy suction cups made of light particles slingshotting through and ricocheting off space-curving mass particles towards what is likely the most dense part of the brain, the mind may itself be a condensation of vacuum-entangled particles

      If nerve cell current is kept in equilibrium with the mind and increases the minds temperature when excited, the minds energy signature exists as a superposition between the active neuron transistors in the brain combining with sensory stimuli in the body into the minds primary mass particle which is either trapped inside an atom or very delicately propagated by light as dictated by energy topology

      As the energy stream of reality tunnels into the minds primary mass particle, the minds photon radiation alters our DNA

      Multiverse gravity is the DNA of god

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      If the prostate really felt so good all women would be knocking down men’s doors for sex as the female prostate is the skenes gland located in the same place as the urethra at the edge of the vaginal canal, not to mention the male prostate is located at an angle very difficult to reach using a penis without permanently injuring the sphincter and walls of the rectum, the sensation of needing to pee can enhance sex but very few are capable of ‘prostate induced orgasm’ while the hemorroids, anal fissures, and toxic human waste ensure that its almost never worth pursuing for men, notice it is usually women who claim the prostate feels so great when in reality it feels no different than the skenes gland which is much more accessible

      Animal sexuality is almost entirely dictated by pheromones, pheromone sensory disorder or residual scent from a female is the only reason males occasionally mount other males with the intention of rubbing their own pheromones on the inferior male but still intended for the females, animals that mount members of the same sex will mount anything including nonliving objects, their owners legs- etcetera, homosexuality is anatomically impossible for the vast majority of animals, the protruding genitals that bonobos have is a serious injury risk, even then homosexual orgasm has never been proven and exclusive oral sex has never been observed in any animal

      The factors which make sex unenjoyable for lesbians ensure their sons cannot enjoy even benign anal stimulation to enhance hetero sex or masturbation without injury

      Gays can never be prepared for what goes wrong in children which theyre most likely to cause by having weak genes that dont allow them to enjoy sex to begin with, this includes mental illness genes

      All energy is dictated by physics, mental illness is a physical illness, the mind is only made of photons and radiation and memory is made of brain cells

      Gay procreation creates the worst type of disability- an otherwise able bodied person who is completely undesireable, why would any good healthy father choose a lesbian to have his children and why would any healthy straight person procreate with the children of homosexuals

      Sex is the highest form of empathy which means lack of empathy for the opposite gender is already a sign of weak genes, If gays cant enjoy sex how would their kids enjoy sex regardless of orientation?

      Inability to enjoy sex is itself a disability, with enough imagination all heterosexuals could choose homosexual behavior but they’d only be settling for less, however, truly dysfunctional sex organs could never hope to enjoy heterosexuality, technology is already able to improve the lack of ability to enjoy hetero sex so to think that homosexuality wont be treated as a disorder in the future once technology can fully cure sexual disability is only ignorance

      Gays who have children not only ruin things for other gays who know they have incompatible sex organs/genes and would never attempt to spread them, but infinitely worse they bring a new life into the world with the same less sexually-able genes, since we dont plaster the media with other disabilities we should stop promoting gays in the media which children consume the most of, though of course jobs accomodating the truly disabled is in everyones best interest

      Until every gay can admit they have a physical disability be it in the brain or body, homosexuality will continue to exist under a pathological sense of self perfection where gays can do no wrong and an inflated ego enabled by society

      Whether its bad sex genes or brain genes (usually both as cells only differ so much) fundamentally they arent worth spreading, sexual dysfunction needs to be the cutoff for procreation otherwise their children not only get stuck with bad genes but are then forced into social obscurity to ensure they never even have a chance to develop properly

      If a woman desires children but truly cant get enough clit in her mouth she should consider having her ribs removed to end her ‘suffering’, rather than ruin the lives of her own children and everyone elses hard fought for daughters

      I would treat gays who choose to spread their genes even worse than a cancer patient who goes and gets pregnant, the social isolation gay parents put their children through is the single worst circumstance imagineable, any gay couple who cant understand that deserves to be locked in a cell with eachother with nothing new to say or do until they cant even stand to look at eachother or anyone (anything) else, that is what they put their children through and no child wants a for-pay artificial friend or family offered by ridiculous companies like ‘big brother’, especially not the same gender if the child is straight, gay procreation can only create the perfect kamikaze which is an able bodied but sexually disabled person be it a lack of function, aesthetic or both, who only fears more of themselves being created

      I have been told face to face by a lesbian with a son that she would rather die than be around men and that both the vagina and sex are disgusting, she even believed that the human penis had a bone in it, obviously such a person could never be fit for parenting, this same lesbian mother once hit her 11 year son in the face for disagreeing with homosexuality even though he never laid a finger on her, he grew up to be very, very troubled, and sadly the mother who herself had been abused as a child made a career out of teaching young children

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      Im not anti-gay anymore than im anti-any other disability, if a woman is born with a clitoris but no hole or a man born with a prostate but no penis they very rightfully deserve to be gay if they wish and should never be told they cant, my problem is with sexually disabled people procreating and then promoting sexual disability as an equal and healthy way of living, also blacks dont choose to have melanin but sexual behavior is always a choice so it is very offensive to compare homosexuality to skin color

      Everything is dictated by physics, arrousal is entirely physical and healthy people can become arroused with no visual stimulation, a woman who cannot keep a clitoral-bulb erection for men is only impotent same for a man who cannot keep an erection for women, most men are capable of keeping an erection for the very rare but still existent-sufficiently female-looking trans males until realizing theres no vagina (if they have tunnelvision), and most women are capable of sustaining a clitbulb erection after sufficient clitoral foreplay regardless of gender

      Smart females will realize men offer skenes/prostate stimulation combined with clitoral mechanics and that a mans face from the cunnilingus angle is only a bigger verson of a womans while a stronger lower face tends to indicate a larger penis, keep in mind men have stronger more precise tongues

      Men should look for a slightly thickened labia minora and slightly raised labia majora which are the two ‘mounds’ surrounding the vagina indicating clitoral bulb erection which means shes ready for sex

      Sadly many men believe women dont want them because they arent ‘tough’ enough while the women turn around and go for other women, most women want a nonconfrontational disciplined man capable of protecting them

      Bonus: college is becoming obsolete, student loan forgiveness will only further bankrupt the country punishing those who decided against taking on hundreds of thousands in debt to learn what they couldve learned online for free

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      The skenes gland located below the urethra is no different than the prostate, the clitoral bulbs which surround the entrance of the vaginal canal are no different than the shaft of the penis, the hymen ensures sex feels good later on, humans are fundamentally designed to be straight

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