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      The A, B and O antigens of the human blood system are sugars that can be found on the surface of red blood cells. The alleles A, B and O refer to the variant forms of the proteins (enzymes) that produce the sugar antigens. The O allele enzyme is non-functional, so that the basic sugar antigen is unaltered. The A and B allele enzymes are dominant over the O allele and alter the sugar to produce A and B antigens, respectively. When both the A and B allele enzymes are present (i.e. in an individual of genotype AB), then both A and B antigens are present and the person has a blood group of AB. Because both the A and B antigens are produced, the A and B alleles are referred to as codominant.

      Using this information, what are the possible genotypes of people with the following blood groups?

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      Read the rules about asking for homework help. Also, if you are going to post a question please post the whole question.

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      Maybe you should tell us the blood groups 🙄 And try to solve it first.

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