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      The Name Game in the General Forum is boring. Lets make a name game just focused on Plantae!

      The Rules:
      Guesses should be made in the form of yes/no or either/or (dichotomous)
      The answer should be in the form of genus species (binomial nomenclature), as well as common name.
      The winner comes up with the next answer for people to guess.

      Try to keep them relatively simple (plants people from different parts of the world will know) for a while.

      I’ll start. Here’s a hint:
      It’s a woody dicot.

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      quote AstusAleator:

      The Name Game in the General Forum is boring.

      Harsh! At least many people played on it so far, and it inspired you to make this one. SO appreciate it, please!!! 👿

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      Yes, My apologies to Dr. Stein. What I meant is that since the guessing game in the general forum can be about anything, people that choose things like Leydig cells will be excluding many of the more field-sytematics oriented biologists that don’t know a lick about molecular-cellular biology. This way the game is more specific, and thus enjoyable by the people frequenting the botany forum.

      Oh, and i realize that the "name game" in the general forum is something different than the "20 questions". My error.

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      It’s ok, my Dear. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get it started! 🙂

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      Eh, I see we have a lot of plant fanatics here….

      *backs into a shadowy corner*

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      I like this game. 😉
      I warn you, I’m great at Biology 20 questions.

      Does it have needle-like/scale-like leaves?

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      Deciduous or evergreen?

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