Brain energy consumption, efficiency etc.

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      Thiking of the brain, its development, and intelligence, I’ve come up with a few questions that I’m hoping someone here may be able to answer.

      1) Does brain energy consumption predict intelligence; that is are smarter people "thinking more".


      2) Do smarter people’s brains consume less energy doing the same task (that is they are more efficient) and therefore have roughly the same energy consumption?

      Thanks 8)

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      i’ve read somewhere, that people with high IQ have higher consumption of glucose (=> energy) than people with low IQ during the learning process..

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      Ragavendra samy

      It’s true that intelligent people consume more amount of glucose in Brain and it is based on the number of convolusions (Gyri&Sulci) and due to the presence of large number of convolusions they will be having more amount of neurons recruited……….

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