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      Ok i already posted a question like this on another topic and agood a good relavant answer quickly. I am finally done but for a bonus mark the teacher has assigned also to me to do endoplasmic reticulum. Seeing from my last thread you guys are really creative and smart, i hope to get a similar response.

      The main idea of the project is to SELL cell organelles. I have to write a sales pitch to sell a ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. Any ideas??…i

      for example for mitochondria i used

      “Need Electricity, Get some Mitochondira to increase your power!”

      any ideas for endoplasmic reticulunm (smooth and rought) ? 😕

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      oh sorry i distrub u.
      .. why must we need to SELL cell organell ?
      …. may it’s used for organsim who/which can not life at normal condisition?
      and.. why must we help u bout this? is this a non-individual work?
      RE has part of cell membrane. so if we take it (only RE) we may get a big home work? how we can dispatch this from a cell?
      i think it’s impossible to do, and more impossible to put it into a new cell.
      it’s my oppinion… 😉

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      I think the theme of the project is to sell them so they can see the function of the organelles or something. Anyway in my opinion this has nothing to do with biology.

      Can you say something like “Forget your car: it pollutes! Mass transit is crowded! Come on and buy a ER and have your own transport system. Salman’s ER shop: WE TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!”

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      Hey, that’s great…you should be in advertising…. 🙂

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      You might try comparing the it to UPS or FedEx too. Or the line from Mrs. Doubtfire, “You pack it, then you ship it.”

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      Terry K.

      That is an awesome idea with the Mrs. Doubtfire thing. Also, the UPS idea is great, and if you can compare it to UPS, like along the lines of “Round the Globe”(Because cells are more commonly spherical in shape), then you are bound to get a good grade, at least on that part!!! 😀

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      Actually, even if all cells start with a spherical shape, most of them don’t keep it(tru for humans but not only)

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      thanks MrMistery lol i wil use taht as well, thats twice u helped me, thanks alot!

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