Calculation of Total % Adhered Bacteria

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      Hello friends:
      I need to calculate the Total % Adhered Bacteria for E.coli

      I counted the CFUs and they were
      566 at 10-2 dilution and 68 at 10-3 dilution

      Now to calculate the Total % Adhered Bacteria I am using the following formula

      Number of colonies adhered X dilution factor X 100/ Original inoculum

      Also to calculate the original inoculum I am using the following formula:
      (OD600 x 7.65) – 0.3 =? X 109 CFU/mL
      For E.coli the ED600 value I got was 0.183
      and after calculation the value I got was 1.09 X 109 CFU/mL

      Now coming back to the calculation of Total % Adhered Bacteria
      For 10-2 dilution I am doing this:

      566 X 0.01 X 100/1.09 X 10^9 CFU/mL

      Where 566 is the CFU count I counted after incubation
      0.01 is the dilution factor and 1.09 X 10^9 is the original inoculum.

      Please let me know if I am doing it right.


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