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      I looked through the active topics for the last month and didn’t see a post on this.

      What do you all think of California’s Proposition 37, which would require labeling of all foods containing GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)?

      Here in CA it feels like all the ads for both sides are relying on scare-mongering. No on Prop 37 claims food prices will skyrocket. Yes on Prop 37 tries to scare people with talk of crops that contain "kill genes" with an unknown effect on humans (as if, I guess, we directly incorporate the genes that we eat into our genome? Not honestly sure why this is supposed to be scary…other than just the name).

      Anyway what do you all think about the molecular biology of GMOs and their potential for harming humans in ways known or unknown? How should Californians vote? I’m leaning toward a "yes" vote on the grounds of "right to know", although pending real evidence of their harm, I personally wouldn’t change my eating habits a bit even if GMO-containing foods were labeled.

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