Biology Forum Microbiology Can I use an at-home test for mold in my cosmetics?

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      I don’t know who else to turn to for this sort of thing, but there is a company (I won’t say their name) that makes pressed glitters without preservatives, they used humectants, which are known to grow mold after a while.

      However, recently a lot of people have been posting on Instagram that they suspect their pressed glitter pans might be developing mold. So after a month of abusive posts, lies, and comments from the owner, she decided to buy this mold testing kit called "Healthful Home 5 Minute Mold test" which detects 32 types of mold. She offered this up as proof that her cosmetics are safe and mold-free. I still think it’s a lie to be honest.

      If mold were to grow on a preservative-free cosmetic item that used humectants, would one of these types of mold be detected on this mold test? Thank you to whoever can help me with this.

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      Are you sure that the above shared mold remediation product can detect 25 types of mold? i don’t believe this at all.

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