Can science and religion coexist peacefully?

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      Can science and religion coexist peacefully? This is a good question to start an interesting discussion. See how it was answered by many smart people at my website:


      Ludwik Kowalski
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      yes. science makes us increase the faith that God creates all things accurately. we try to solve some science problems and after we find the answer, we must admit that no one can create these things except God, because God creates with many details and no one in this earth can imitate it perfectly. I’m sorry I think my English is so bad because I’m still learning English.

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      It is very simple just to say that God creates everythings perfectly.
      Please use our brain to think more deeply.

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      Yes. There is no necessary conflict. All we have to do is render unto science the things that are scientific, and unto God the things that are divine.

      Science is a way of knowing about the physical universe, a very good way as it turns out, and religion is a way of making sense of why the universe exists, and why we exist – ie, religion illuminates the meaning of existence, not the mechanism of existence, which is science’s domain.

      Thus there are clear boundaries between science and religion, and the problems start when those boundaries are breached – eg, when religion starts trying to come up with explanations about the physical world (eg, how life evolves)(or not, of course!), or when science tries to exclude religion, saying there is no proof of God’s existence (no, of course there isn’t, proof is a scientific concept!), or no necessity for God to exist in order to account for the way the universe is, or even that it ‘is’ at all (ie, that there’s ‘something’ rather than ‘nothing’). That lack of scientific necessity for God doesn’t mean that God didn’t create the universe (or cause it to be created – same thing), or doesn’t have some kind grand plan for it (maybe He likes watching stars go nova!)(and he definitely was fond of dinosaurs, or why keep them around for so long!!)(plus, he knew that later on we’d need the oil to advance our technology to improve the world for everyone to have a good life eventually)(that’s a work in progress, by the way!!!!)

      So, no, there is no necessary conflict between science and religion, and the two can happily coexist, as they deal with different issues. You might as well say ‘can science co-exist with law’….!

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      Someone once told me that Science and Religion are climbing the same tree, but while Religion is reaching the canopy Science is still just shimmying up the trunk.

      To be honest, I am not a religious person. If there isn’t something in front of me that proves it to be real, then I do not believe it to be real, and that is why I am yet to acquire a religion.

      I do, however, believe that the seemingly repeated arguments between Science and Religion are rather pointless. For all I know, Science is merely unearthing more and more of the wonders God has created, but is unable to attribute them to Him because they also do not see proof of his existence.

      Either way, I feel both of them need to get off their high horses and start helping each other climb the analogical tree of wisdom. If they help each other, they might find the truth faster.

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      Hmmmm….I think science and "religion" should not even be used in the same sentence.

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      If you want to get a correct answer on this, you first need to specify what religion,
      Science can coexist, with Christianity, because science gives evidence for Christianity. Science does not always mean Evolution, which cannot coexist with Christianity.
      Also history gives evidence for Christianity too, many archaeological finds have corroborated what the Bible has said for many years. After this post, I am going to post scientific and archaeological evidence for the Bible.

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