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      Recently I saw a tree which has cancer
      I know mechanisms of cancer in animals but it is caused in plants?
      I would be happy if you refer me to an answer

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      I think you probably had seen the tumor in plants produced by a bacterium.
      Please use the link. … umefaciens

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      Cancer in the plants never heard about it. If it so then human can also be affected with the plants by eating them.

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      Yeah, tumors are caused in plants by hormone inbalance caused often by bacteria such as Agrobacterium or Rhodococcus.

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      In the plant kingdom,like human being, plant also suffer from cancer. Plants from embryonic development, growth and flowering, its whole life process are controlled by genes within the cell, the various tissue cells in different gene under the control of a methodical metabolism. But when plants were injured or infestation by pests, the normal and orderly metabolism will be disrupted, the original should according to the instruction of genetic information of the normal hormone is destroyed, instead produce a growth hormone for cancer cells of the plant tissue malignant tumor formation. 😀

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      In animals, a tumor develops when a cell (or group of cells) loses the built-in controls that regulate its growth, often as a result of mutations. Plants can experience the same phenomenon, along with cancerous masses, but it tends to be brought on via infection. Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and insect infestation have all been tied to plant cancers. Oak trees, for example, often grow tumors that double as homes for larvae.

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      Some plants contain anti-cancer chemical components, such as Taxus chinensis containing Paclitaxel … -1000.html

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      plants are indeed a great source for anticancer drugs. However I believe that these alkaloids have mostly an antibacterial or antiparasitic role in the plant. I used to do research on ellipticine which has anticancer activity. It originates from Ochrosia Elliptica. We have many examples of anticancer drugs for humans that are in fact antibiotics with an anticancer activity. Doxorubicin for instance. This at the molecular level means that there are common pathways to kill a cell, whether a prokaryotic or an eukaryotic cell. However these drugs lack specificity far cancer cells and have therefore a well known toxicity. It is a great progress today to couple these drugs to monoclonal antibodies to make Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) or for the future to encapsulate these drugs in nanoparticles with the monoclonal antibody at the surface.

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      quote venus666:

      be brought on via infection. Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and insect infestation have all been tied to plant cancers.

      Plant will get cancer by infection or injure. But it is different from human cancer. It dose not spread to other position of the plant. … get-cancer

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