Carbon rearrangement in the citrate to isocitrate step

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      Q.[methyl -13C] Pyruvate was administered to isolated liver cels in the presence of
      sufficient malonate to block succinate dehydrogenase completely. After a time isocitrate
      was isolated and found to contain label in both the carbon 2 and carbon 5 positions – how
      do you explain this result?

      A. I have been breaking down, and following the 13C markers from the pyruvate stage and have it traced to the citrate. However, i am stuck at this point because i have no idea how i would make my 13C to be at 2 and 5( instead of their usual 4 and 5). I have a feeling maybe aconitrase has something to do with this, but i am not sure how that would even work. My book is offering me no help, and the internet is not either. Please help thanks!!

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      Confirm your question…….The isolated isocitrate, was it labeled at 2,5 or 2,4 ?????
      Because from my knowledge,the usual isn’t 4,5 !!!!!!
      please,Confirm………..So,I can help u

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      well aconitase converts citrate to isocitrate via cis-aconitate intermediate, don’t know if that helps you.

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