Cardiovascular disease, plz helppppp

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      1: why can elevated blood pressure increase the risk of cardiovascular disease?
      I have done some reasearch and i think it has something to do with atheroslerosis but i don’t know how so please help.

      2: what happens to the brachial artery when the pressure of the blood pressure monitor decreases to determine the diastolic blood pressure? I think that the brachial artery closess but why is this if it is right.

      3: the chance of a 15 year old male dying of haemorrhagic stroke is 8, the ppopulation for males are 1778000. how do u work out the probabilty? Is it 1778000/100 then multiply by 8 , or 1778000/8*100

      i really tried my best but i am just not sure so please help me, i have to understand before monday.
      thank you for your help

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      1. … ifier=4440

      2. You are right there is a good reason, for example if you need to get toothpaste from the tube you squeeze it, so if you want move the blood along once the pressure drops……………………….

      3. I assume you want the probability as a percentage in which case this should help … 128AA8gwED

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      thank you so much for your help, that was very helpful

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