Carnivorous Plants

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      What are Carnivorous Plants?
      Can they eat the whole man or just the small insects?
      I know few of them for insects like pitcher plants.
      Are there any plants that can feed upon whole human or animals etc..?

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      Carnivorous plants have modified insect-trapping leaves, and they usually live in places where the soil is deficient in some major element. The plant captures–via mechanized traps, pools of enzymes, sticky hairs or floating bladders–insects from which they can derive any desired elements. HOWEVER, these plants have been demonstrated to live and thrive just fine in their depleted soil environment without insect supplementation.

      there are plants that can feed on large insects and small animals on occasion, however, there are none that eat humans, or anything bigger than a mouse or a small rabbit–as that would take a lot of digestive enzymes

      Bladderworts have been known to decompose frogs, when caught, and venus fly traps have been known to catch small animals.
      Hope this helps!

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      that is the plant which can get energy from organic food.
      so they have ability to absorb organic substances be their special enzymes system.
      There are no carnivorous plant big enough to eat a man. And you can grow it easily by sand, with high content of P and K (please don’t add any Nitrogen) you can get carnivorous with big pot.

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