Catalase and temperature?

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      Hey! I’m writing a lab report where we’re trying to find out what catalase’s optimum environment and temperature is (we used catalase in the form of chicken liver). We let the chicken liver react with 5ml of H2O2 and measured the volume of the produced oxygen 2 minutes after the H2O2 came in contact with the chicken liver. In the results i’m gonna show you we only tested what effects temperature and surface area had on enzyme activity.

      I also want to mention that we used 5ml of hydrogen peroxide for every test. I understand that in test #3 the protein got denatured and the heat instead affected the rate of reaction, thus the high volume of O2 produced. In tests #3 and #4 the oxygen production was very quick at the beginning but apporximately 90 seconds later the reaction had stopped, I’m guessing all the H2O2 had reacted.

      What I don’t understand is how less oxygen was produced in test #2 (body temp.) than in test #5 (low temp.)? In test #5 the oxygen was produced constantly over a longer period of time instead of it being really quick in the beginning. Why was there less oxygen produced when we tried body temp than there was produced at low temp?

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