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      I’m building a simple DIY hood using a 20×20 box fan, an air filter (going to test multiple filters to find the minimum quality of filter and get the job done), and an aluminum box. 
      I’m a bit unsure of how good the BSL2 biosafety cabinets are at filtering contaminants. Clearly, my cultures don’t get contaminated in a BSL2 biosafety cabinet but of course, I can’t imagine that the cabinet filter’s out 100% of contaminents. This guy has a air particle detector. The best filter he has leaves 400 particles in the air. I assume a BSL2Cabinet also leaves about the same. 

      Does it take a single particle to contaminate a Culture?

      If not, what are the sort of ranges that would be safe for cell culturing?

      Then, what sort of MERV rating should I go for? I’m leaning towards merv 13. It gets much more expensive from there. 
      This site seems to claim that they can filter out all bacteria×20 … Al138P8HAQ

      Cell Culture Contamination Air particle quantity/Size? – ResearchGate. Available from: … ntity_Size [accessed Oct 25, 2015].

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