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      I could not solve this question.
      Could anyone help me?

      If a cell continued to increase in size without dividing, the cell volume would soon be too large to be adequately supplied with nutrients by surface area. It would be difficult for materials to diffuse to the inner cytoplasm of the larger cell. Using this information develop your own hypothesis to identify the source of the stimulus which initiates cell division.

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      This is stupid. A cell doesn’t grow indefinitely and reach the size of a balloon if it doesn’t divide. Its size is regulated inherently, reason why each cell type has a particular size.

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      I think the question is trying to lead you to an answer

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      i believe that all these processes are naturally controlled. the cell never increases to such an extent because the chemical composition does not allow it. once the concentration of lipids, acids and toxins increases, an alarm goes on which releases lytic enzymes causing division, generally controlled because the nucleus is monitoring every action. moreover the genetic information coded in the DNA does not allow abnormalities or the cell committs suicide called autolysis. i hope u got my point.

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