Cellular division and endoplasmic reticle

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      Hi guys, I have a question for you 😀

      I know that the endoplasmic reticulum increases its dimensions when we assume a lot of drugs, so also the tolerance to these drugs increases; but, during the cell’s duplication, does the endoplasmic reticulum maintain these characteristics?

      Thank you in advance 😉

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      Hi, its been a while since you posted this, but in case your still nterested.

      The ER is a dynamic system – it expands and contracts according to demand. During cell division I would expect it to be stripped down to the minimum required to support the cell.
      What is more relevant to your question is whether the daughter cells rebuild the ER to the state it was in the parent. That depends on whether the parent DNA was epigenetically modified to continue the drup-induced gene expression.
      I do not have data for many drugs, but for alcohol there is an increase in tolerance with age, probably due to increased production of detoxication enzymes. That does imply that epigenetic modification is happening.

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      This is really a big question, but it is interesting.
      Even some research on this problem just find tolerance for some drug, but not a general conclusion.

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