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      What are the phases of cellular respiration and how many ATP are produced frm each?

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      Well fyi, I did study and I am doing very well in my Anatomy & Physiology II. i just wanted and opinion on what i have researched. You would have to be pretty illiterate to just copy an answer straight off the internet without your own prior research.

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      If you read what I pointed to you:

      quote :

      But the onus is on you to prove that you did some research. Something as simple as ” I think the answer is…(because.., am I right?) OR (but I have doubts because…)” or “I found this and that and that does not really make sense…” is enough.

      And honestly when you say

      quote :

      i just wanted and opinion on what i have researched.

      without stating anything, what kind of opinion do you expect?

      So if I agree with your last sentence (but if you knew this forum as well as I do, you would be surprise how many people are "illiterate", or more accurately stupid and/or lazy and/or careless), if you do not want to be mixed with the pack, start your discussion by going further than just pasting your question. You would know that if you had read the effing manual as I suggested above.

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      I have a question on the topic of cellular respiration.
      I’ve been at this question for some time now and I was wondering if someone could help me with the answer.
      The question is:
      During the second stage of cellular respiration,
      a. there is a net gain of 2 ATP
      b. the electro transport chain and chemiosmosis use the energy in NADH and FADH2 to produce up to 34 ATP.
      c. energy is transferred from glucose and pyruvic acid to NADH and FADH2
      d. Both (b.) and (c.)

      I am between answers (b.) and (d.)
      Please help and explain

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      you should probably look, what is for your teacher (or in the book, depends, where did you get that question from), the second stage of cellular respiration. For me it would be the TCA cycle and thus no correct answer…

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