Chromosome and Ribosome

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      what is the relationship between chromosome and ribosome??? Very confused with it.. Someone please help me out… And, here’s a question i encountered..
      Chromosomes are?
      a. membrane bounded organelles in eukaryotes
      b. a group of ribosomal sub-units
      c. found in prokaryotic cell
      d. structures that contain the genetic information of the bacterial cell
      e. composed of dna attache to protein
      which of the answer u guys wil opt for?? Immediate help PLEASE!!! 🙁 😥 😕

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      which of the answer will U opt for??

      Do you know, what is chromosome? Do you know what is ribosome?

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      i do know ribosome and chromosome.. i would opt for e..

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      Chromosome means colour(chromo) body(som@) inside the nucleic acid…. Ribosomes are just acting like messengers for protein synthesis and replication Ribosome consists of 30s and 70s OR 40s and 60s types…… Chromosome have chromatin(protein) which helps genes for efficient storage… Genes are those which contains genetic information….

Viewing 3 reply threads
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