citrus fruits and size of breasts

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      Do eating citrus fruits have any effect on the size of breasts? Some people used to think that eating citrus fruits have the effect of increasing breasts size. And why women are advised to eat citrus fruits during pregnancy?

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      I can’t see how citrus fruits would effect breast size..
      Pregnant women eating citrus fruits? Probably because it’s nutritious, basically.

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      manoj sharma

      Dear friend Its only due to hormonal changes ,at the time of preganancy chances of Vommiting increases Thats why citrus food help in preventing
      the abnormal feelings. Womens breast becomes heavy than normalsize its true it is because of laclating hormons development.
      Your friend

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      It will make them a lot healthier to eat all that fruit, but as far as breast size, I dont think so! What helps increase breast size is getting more mature, most girls’ size is inherited.

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      If there has been a folk-medicine suggestion for citrus in early pregnancy to combat morning sickness, it might have been linked to the increase in breast size later in the pregnancy. Correlation with assumed causation (but not actual causation), that’s where a lot of this type of idea come from.

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