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      Colchicine is a chemical which has an influence on cell division by obstructing the production of spindles and so chromosomes cannot move to the opposite poles.

      I would like to know if there are any other chemicals present that have the same effect as Colchicine?


      Is there another chemical which has the same overall effect as Colchicine but acts on the cell in a different way?


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      well the mitotic spindle is formed by microtubuli, so maybe you can search for chemical that block microtubulus-polymerisation.

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      i know bromnaphtalen does the same thing, but no idea about the mechanism…

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      There are other microtubule depolymerizing drugs similar to colchicine, like nocodazole and colcemid, that bind free tubulin in a cell and prevent them from adding onto microtubules.

      I also know of a drug called Brefeldin that interferes with anterograde transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the golgi apparatus but I’m not sure of the mechanism (I would assume it disrupts kinesin/microtubule interactions in some way).

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      i found it on a genetic paper.
      colchicine is a substance wich produces an abnormal mitosis (called c-mitosis), it annules the chromatic bobbin formation (wich is very important in the sister chromatides separation on anaphase) and also as a consequence, annules the cellular partition too.
      with colchicine you can create the polyploidies.
      and yes, there is another chemical compounds.
      You can use N2O (nitrous oxide) on flowers just polinized.

      And there is another methods to do the same thing that colchicine do.

      good luck

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      quote kclo4x:

      How long do you have to have the N2O on the plant?
      and is it the seeds that are effected right? or the ones being produced from the pollinated things right?
      or can it also effect the leafs and such of the plant?

      N2O is easy to make, and purify, this could be really interesting and useful to know 🙂

      When you make a polyploid for example with colchicine, you’ve to protect the root area because if it is in contact with the compound it will death and it’ll be an nonfunctional plant (root cells will die).
      So, make your own conclutions.

      Now, i’m gonna explain how to use N2O on the plant.
      Treatments with nitrous oxide in low pressure on flowers just polinized during 10-15 hours. It penetrates easily in tissues and also has easy disappearance, but with annoying application (you have to do it on special containers :P).
      It is also dangerous because of the gas’ toxicity.
      The N2O reduces the typical colchicine’s chimeras.

      pd: my english is a little poor so pardon me please jeje :P.

      Good luck

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      quote kclo4x:

      Thanks for your help.

      Well are you sure if colchicine gets on the roots it will kill the plant?
      I took a lettuce sprout and soak it in a solution of colchicine for a while, and planted it… it seems to be doing just fine 3 days later. However i suppose it would have something similar to root rot?

      I guess the N2O might be a problem, and not be worth it.. but i will have to look into it more.

      yes, one step in the method with colchicine says: cover the roots from the colchicine.
      Xclo4x, try to maintain to me informed about the lettuce please, i’d like to know about it.
      See you.

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      quote kclo4x:


      One of the many morning glory seeds i have soaked in my colchicine solution for 15 hours has germinated!

      It took a while, compared to the normal germinating time of a morning glory seed, and it still hasn’t popped up yet.. so its still going slow.

      in other words, i think its clear that it is polyploidy now, and the colchicine probably killed most of the others, or it is the first one to sprout.

      But anyways, so far so good, oh yeah and my lettuce sprouts growth is severely stumped compared to my other lettuce sprouts that haven’t been treated with my colchicine solution.

      🙂 nice !
      i just hope that the growing stage that your lettuces are experimenting now is not the growing stage powered by the endosperm resources.

      keep it up dude !

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