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      I’m a designer currently working in London, England.

      I can’t seem to find a place to connect with biologists for collaborative projects.

      Is anyone on this forum is potentially interested in the idea of creative/biologist collaboration? When I use the term ‘creative’ in this context I mean designer/coder/illustrator/artist/etc

      Although this started as a search for a project partner, I’m now also interested that this service doesn’t seem to exist and am wondering if this is a worthwhile project in itself?

      Does anyone have any links to any websites that they use for this type of thing?

      Or is anyone interested in chatting more about collaborating with me/presenting any ideas that you think a designer could help with?

      Thanks! :mrgreen:

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      821 views but not one reply?? Come on, someone must have something to say about this, even if it’s why they don’t want to do it…!

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