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      Hey, i’m a bit confused, let me explain:
      according to my biology notes my teacher give me, the tertiary structure is the final structure for proteins with only one polypeptide chain. Nextly, they state that globular proteins(in particular enzymes) have a tertiary structure, i thought this meant that globular proteins only have one polypeptide chain, but later the notes say how globular proteins such has haem contain 4 polypeptide chains, given that this is more than one should they not hav a quaternary structure?

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      Your guess is correct, there are (many) proteins composed of multiple chains, and the resulting assembly is dubbed the quaternary structure.

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      chartsy: even if they have the tertiary structure, they still, of course, have also the secondary structure (some alpha-helices and beta-sheets) and the primary structure (AA sequence). By this logic, they can have both quaternary and tertiary structure.
      If that’s what you didn’t understand.

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