Creating or modifying viruses

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      Are there any ways for creating and modefying viruses?
      I mean do any method on virus creation exists. And where can i read detailed information about it? WIth little formula example on virus creation or its structural change.

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      if you mean to create virus de novo, than look for HIV. Some people say, that it’s actually human-made 😉

      But there are of course ways, how to modify viruses and they are used on daily basis

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      viruses are modified all the time! just look at vaccinia. it’s a non-pathogenic virus that we insert antigenic genes into. the virus particle then produces the antigen and we put the virus in a human host. without getting infected by anything, the human will get an immune response in the cell-mediated form and the humoral form. very very very effective. probably the most effective and safe type of vaccine. very cool too.

      but from scratch i think is way beyond our technology now. We’re just fumbling around in the dark right now.

      The people who believe HIV was human made doesn’t do the research on scientific techniques. We couldn’t even modify viruses back then. All we could do was expose organisms to mutagens and screen a whole bunch to see if it happened the way we wanted. Fumbling in the dark as always =p

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